NovoLux enables faster development of medical treatments by precisely controlling and increasing the brightness of dyes used in flow cytometers. Many traditional dyes are not bright enough to detect low abundance markers (which could be important for understanding disease or pathway), leading the signal for those cells falls below the cytometer system noise level. For many treatments and diseases, traditional dyes are not bright enough to detect the target cells.

NovoLux dyes are orders of magnitude brighter than traditional dyes, so that even the rarest condition stands out above the cytometer noise level and enable rare cells to be detected. This allows reseachers to evaluate treatment efficacy.

The colors of traditional dyes overlap and their low brightness causes markers to be indistinguishable from others, when they blend into each other. This is a challenging problem especially in the autofluorescence region to distinguish real signal from autofluorescence. It’s like trying to see a faint light next to a bright one. This uncontrolled brightness contributes to the failure of traditional dyes, even with time-consuming signal analysis. NovoLux dyes can be be balanced with brightness control, allowing both signal peaks to be resolved. Our dye technologies make this possible. 

With NovoLux dyes, we can adjust (or tune) the dye brightness to allow many disease markers to be detected, giving patients an accurate diagnosis or a researcher confirmation for a new therapy. The control of dye brightness means that researchers can evaluate more cell samples assurance of detection. This animation illustrates the brightness changes across the spectrum of dye colors. 

Best of all, NovoLux dyes are a drop-in solution, meaning no changes are needed to flow cytometry hardware. This allows for rapid adoption and immediate gains in both accuracy and laboratory productivity. Accelerating the pace of discovery means that more treatments can be tested and the most promising given priority.

Any lab with a flow cytometer can use NovoLux dyes.  

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